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  1. loved it! Thanks so much for publishing , David, and your writing and pictures were perfect for me to see how very much fun each and every one of you enjoyed together and apart! And boy, weren’t those cousins just wonderful to see that you all had a wonderful time, not to mention how special your sister and your brothers are to them!
    All looked good and healthy! Have to mention that it looks like Betsy is not only ‘swinging with you’, but her hair seems to be long again and swinging also – or are my old eyes deceiving me? Travel safe and happy, hugs and kisses, Mother, Millie, MeMa

  2. Aaaaand I’ve fainted. Betsy is wearing a cute purple peasant skirt and David is, well, cute. And oh my goddess you two are swing dancing and adorable. I am so happy you all are having such a wonderful time, but we sure miss you and can’t wait to visit you again and hear all about this trip in person.

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